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Open house March 28 & 29, April 4 & 5

Open house is from 10 to 4. We are open 7 days a week too, but from 10 to 2. Get a free visit with the alpacas. You get to get up close and personal with them and learn more about alpacas.
After your visit with the alpacas you can browse through our store with many items made from the luxurious fleece. Maybe you'll find the perfect gift for your special Valentine!
Stroll through our gardens for unusual perennials and trees. A lot of new blooming flowers! We have a lot of butterfly host plants including parsley, fennel and dill for Swallowtails and Milk Weed for the Monarchs. Also many unusual perennials that the butterflies love to get the nectar from. Persimmon, Loquat, Papaya, Pomegranite, Figs and more trees available.
You will enjoy your visit to the farm! We are known as the "best kept secret in Citrus County!

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Be sure to visit Alpaca Magic USA for "Rarest of Breeds...the Ultimate Natural Fiber...Suri Alpacas..."
The Suri Alpaca has unique fiber characteristics that distinquish them from the rest of the camelid family; llamas, huacaya alpaca, vicuna, quanaco and the camel. The Suri Alpaca fiber has a cool slick hand; soft as cashmere, warmer than wool, with the luster of silk. Thinking about raising alpacas? Think about raising the rarest of breeds...the Suri Alpaca, less than 17% of all alpacas in the country, and in the world.

Located just east of Historic Homosassa Springs, in Homosassa, Florida, Alpaca Magic USA is home to about 75 suri alpacas. In 1996 we started out with just 2 pregnant females and have grown to become one of Florida's largest alpaca farms. Alpaca Magic USA is a family owned and run business. Jean Riley and her Son, Kent Mylin and his wife, Doreen, work together to raise, breed and market these wonderful creatures.

Alpacas have come a long way since we started in the industry back in 1996. The quality of the alpacas today is so much superior to the alpacas 20 years ago. That is because most all farms, including Alpaca Magic, have "bred up" their alpacas. Every couple years we purchase new high-quality herdsires, breeding males, and breed them to our best females creating an even better cria than the dam. We shop for our breeding males all over the country to find just the right one to upgrade our herd. By doing this we can compete in the showring with some of the biggest farms in the country and come out of the ring with blue ribbons and Championships. Purchasing BRKRD Maxamus will help us continue to improve our herd. Maxamus won a championship ribbon 7 times and his skin biopsy shows a density of 84.29 which is much higher than Dr. Norm Evans has ever seen. Max is breeding our girls now and we are anxious to see the results in the spring. Give us a call if you would like to breed one of your girls to Maxamus or perhaps purchase one of our females already bred to him.

We are a full service farm. We will always be here for you...from start to finish. Give us a call any time to ask us about alpacas. We have been raising camelids for over 25 years and have had a lot of hands-on experience with them. If we can't answer your questions, we'll find someone who can.

Breed to the top of the line herdsires; GLR Manitou is a Color Champion and has produced many Champions and new to the farm is BRKRD Maxamus from Miller-McMahan Alpacas. If you purchase a female from us she will be entitled to a breeding to Maxamus!!!

If you don't have alpacas, now is a great time to enjoy the alpaca lifestyle. When we got into the bad economy a lot of people had to sell their alpacas at very low prices so the price of alpacas became much lower than it was 9 to 10 years ago. Today you can purchase females for as little as $1,500 each. You can buy a package of 2 females and an unrelated breeding male for as little as $

Ask us about our financing. We are very flexible and most times do what works best for you.

Each alpaca sells with our farm guarantee.

Free delivery in Florida for all females.