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Color: golds/rust/blue, tans/gray

Luxurious baby alpaca/silk blend

Paracas 2 Shawl

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  • 78 X 29.25 inches

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Lovely luxurious shawl. I don't know which of the 3 shawls I like the best. I love all 3, although I really like the blend of 70% baby alpaca and 30% silk in this shawl and the Chancay Shawl.

Gorgeous lightweight Baby Alpaca & Silk shawl inspired by both the Parcas (700 BC - 100 BC) and the Nazca (100 AD - 700 AD) culture. Parcas textiles are known for their bright colors and images of supernatural creatures. The Nazca culture is known to have been heavily influenced by the preceeding Parcas culture and produced an array of crafts and technologies. Among them beautiful textiles, ceramics, an impressive array of underground aqueducts and geoglyphs (commonly known as the Nazca lines). 78 X 29.25 inches